The company


Wasa Hotel & Health Centre offer comprehensive supportive rehabilitation and therapies conducive to healing, as well as a rehabilitation service. The comfortable and cozy accommodation creates a homely atmosphere for the clients. We do believe that health starts first of all from caring.

Our vision is to become the most preferred rehabilitation centres for clients both in Estonia and outside its borders. In our daily practice, the aim is to offer high quality and personal services.


I will learn all my life, I am progressive and use my professional skills in the right place at the right time.
I know our services well and do my best every day.

I only give promises that can be kept and never go back on them.
I am discreet and respect our guests’ privacy.

I am friendly to my clients and colleagues and sincerely interested in their doings.
I look and see, listen and hear.

I am dedicated to my work and always look for the best solutions.
I am  proud of our enterprise and support my colleagues when they face difficulties.

I trust and value my workmates, notice and recognize their successes.
I am not afraid to admit my own mistakes and draw other people’s attention to their shortcomings at work.

Eha 2, Pärnu, 80010, Estonia
phone: +372 44 50750