We offer you a variety of individual treatments as well as combinations of programs. We reccommend to book all treatments beforehand via e-mail or phone +372 44 50 750.



Paraffin mask for hands and feet this is a warming skin treatment procedure which improves blood circulation and local metabolism. Paraffin mask in this form decreases pain in finger and toe joints and in small acropodium and sole muscles and tendons. The procedure is good for curing the cracked skin on fingers or soles which often appear in the older age.



Water therapy (herbal baths, bubble baths, massage in bath)  improves blood circulation and muscular tonicity and decreases excess tension. It is suitable for curing rheumatism, arthritis, sleep and metabolism disorders, back pains, kidney disorders, migraine and stress, as well as problems with neural and cardiovascular circulation systems. Depending on the nature of the procedure (temperature of water, strength of the air or water jet in the bath, substances added to the water: essential oils, mineral salts), effect of the water is either inhibitory or stimulating, relaxing or invigorating.  We are using warm freshwater baths (temperature at 36-38°C) to which appropriate herbal extracts are added. While selecting the procedure, different effects of herbs, making the procedure even more pleasant and effective, are taken into account. Procedure lasts 10 – 20 min.

Cleopatra’s milk bath.Natural milk in the form of silky froth pampers the skin with unbelievable tenderness. Milk proteins and sea collagen moisturise and nourish skin and combined with a pleasantly faint aroma of cinnamon it fills your senses with calmness and satisfaction. Milk froth restores the harmony of body, mind and soul, unveiling the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty. The treatment also relieves stress and moisturises and nourishes skin with additional nutrients.

Pressure massage bath for hands and feet this therapy improves blood circulation and muscular tone while decreasing tension. This procedure is also suitable in cases where a regular bath would otherwise be inadvisable. These freshwater baths also contain natural herbal extracts, sea salt or peppermint-magnesium additives.



Classical (Swedish) massage  is a good method for relaxing body and spirit. It activates blood and lymph circulation, increases metabolism, removes toxins from muscles, improves your mood, restores lost energy and relieves stress. For curative purposes massage is used for treating cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, for vertebral column and joint diseases, neuritis and radiculitis. Massage is carried out either dry or by using oils.

Sole massage.  Acupressure or sole massage is a massage that uses fingers to exert pressure on bioactive points on the sole, which nowadays, in the era of shuffling slippers, have become neglected. A 20-minute massage is relaxing and pleasant and has an effect on the whole organism – it helps to relieve stress, cures chronic diseases, improves blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, relieves pain and relaxes the body.

Aroma massage a gentle massage with essential oils, providing a true sensation for both body and mind. Each essential oil has its specific impact – calming, invigorating, analgesic or stimulating metabolism. Skillful selection of essential oils and slow stroking movements relieve problems like muscular tension and muscular pain, cellulite, stress, sleep disorders, fluctuating blood pressure, menopausal complaints or moodiness.  Essential oils that strengthen the immune system are retained in a patient’s organism for up to 72 hours, rejuvenating tissues and improving the elasticity of skin.

Stone massage is a healing method based on oriental teaching for achieving balance between mind and body. The procedure combines massaging energy centres or chackras with stones and hands and influencing them with semi-precious stones.  Warm lava stones, heated in advance, are placed on the body. When in contact with skin, they start passing heat and energy from sun, thus removing muscle tension, expanding blood vessels, regulating digestion, metabolism and hormonal systems. The heat also opens energy channels and releases energy blocks, as a result of which the tonicity of the whole organism increases and energies become balanced. Lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure. Feelings of harmony and wellbeing are released inside the patient, who starts feeling calmer and breathe deeper, skin tonicity and elasticity are improved and tiredness and stress collected in body disappear. Additionally, tension and worries are also relieved.

Honey massage is one of the curative massages from ancient Tibet. In this procedure honey is used as an adhesive substance with the help of which it is possible to remove from the organism “contaminated” energy. By being imbibed through the skin honey passes on its good curative powers. As an end result, physical form and metabolism improves and energy channels become cleansed. Honey massage enhances digestion and absorption of nutrients and also trims the skin. Honey massage is very suitable for persons suffering from pack pain, arthritis, colds, metabolism disorders and cellulite. The procedure is contraindi- cative for people who are allergic to honey.

Champi – Indian head massage (oil massage). Indian head massage is part of the ancient system of Indian healing treatments, teaching how to take care of ones body and live proactively. Head massage is part of the Indian traditional daily routine, not only no preserve hair’s health but to stimulate bodys natural healing ability and harmony. Champi is a kind of therapy where energyy channels are stimulated by massage of the head, neck and shoulders. As a result you feel pleasant relaxation and relief of stress. Headache is gone, eyes are less tired and hearing is better.

Shindo massage Shindo (Japanese massage on a mattress) is a system of massage, stretching and relaxing exercises with the purpose of achieving balance between body and mind. Each organ and line of energy has specific functions. Shindo techniques help to achieve balance between the body and the mind by releasing cumulated physical and emotional tensions. Suitable for rehabilitation, joint mobility problems, muscle pains and is suitable for all age groups. This is not suitable for acute phase of various diseases, fever, malignant tumours. Activities are performed on a floor on a mat. It addresses the whole body (legs, back, arms, abdomen, sides, head, neck and face). The body is treated with hands, elbows, feet and knees.

Shindo toe massage. Special attention is on the treatment of toes. By alternating the rhythm and pressure, both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are affected. The foot and leg are massaged at the same time. Suitable for everyone, especially for children.

Shindo meridian stretches. The meridian stretch therapy is based on old Oriental wisdom, combined with modern knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Shindo is based on six stretches of meridians to open 12 energy lines. Each of the stretching exercises stimulates two organs. The therapy is particularly effective, because it connects the stretching exercises with self-massage, acupressure, breathing and concentrating. Suitable for all.

Anti-stress massage with hot candle wax. Warm candle wax massage relieves fatigue, helps against tiredness, improves physical and mental performance, makes the skin soft, smooth and silky. The warm wax from melting a candle warms and relaxes the skin. It is good to apply warm oil, as it protects the skin and adds a good fragrance. The candle mixture contains an array of vitamins and restorative components.



Algoane treatment effective slimming treatment designed for women who feel that their favourite clothes have become too tight recently. The treatment significantly improves the appearance of skin and decreases excess body forms. The cleansing and blood circulation stimulating treatment starts with massage, during which gentle toxin removing peeling substance is used. After that a marine mask is applied on the skin, improving its elasticity. The treatment ends in application of moisturising lemon cream.

Red wine treatment  mixture made of wine and oil extract from red grapes is an excellent way to relieve stress, rejuvenate skin and improve its elasticity. The treatment is as relaxing and pleasant as drinking wine, but does not give any per mills. Red grapes are renowned for their powerful effect against free radicals. The treatment starts with body-peeling, followed by massage with an aromatic mixture. The treatment ends with cleansing the skin under shower. Wine therapy helps to retain youthfulness and elasticity of skin, adding radiance, strength and tonicity and prevents premature ageing.

Coffee wrap  the luxurious coffee wrap produced directly from coffee beans has an elevating influence both on skin and soul. The procedure affords you an emotionally unforgettable experience! Coffee wrap is suitable for everybody who wants to undergo a special spa experience and to relax pleasantly.Due to the fat-burning effect of caffeine the coffee wrap acts as a slimming treatment, and it is also modelling and trimming and prevents premature ageing of skin. We recommend coffee wrap for women who want to forestall the signs of passing age on their skin or to model problematic body areas. It is ideal after liposuction, childbirth or a slimming diet.

Treatment for tired feet. Treatment for tired, tingling and swollen feet that cramp at night. It improves blood circulation, prevents retaining of excess fluids and gives a miraculous feeling of lightness to feet.  Treatment is effective and at the same time enjoyably relaxing, including wrapping of feet with active ingredients and a pampering massage. Relieves the unpleasant feeling of tired swollen feet, removes toxins and improves the microcirculation of blood. Ensures instant and long term effect. Treatment covers the full length of legs. 



The doctor appoints suitable therapy for a specific patient from a range of direct currents with low or middle intensity. It is an effective pain reliever in case of acute arthritis and neuritis.

Magnetic theraphy. Therapy uses low frequency magnetic field which influences tissues up to the depth of 4 – 5 cm. Magnetic therapy improves blood circulation and metabolism of tissues, decreases edema, speeds up absorption of blood clots and enhances recuperation of bone fractures. It is used for treating trophic ulcers and phlebitis, in post-traumatic therapy and for treating arthritis and myocitis, peripheral neuro-pathologies and chronic skin diseases. 

Pressotherapy. Lymphatic drainage is well-established & clinically-proven therapeutic method which brings immediate and visible results. BTL´s Lymphastim works on the pneumatic pressotherapy principle. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. Doctor’s recommendation required.

Inhalatation.  Effective medical procedure for a multitude of respiratory diseases, for decreasing inflammation and for expectoration. During the procedure an aerosol medical substance prescribed by the doctor is inhaled through a special inhalator. According to necessity, the medical substance could be expectorant, relaxing respiratory tract or just a humectant or a calming substance.