Good traditions

Dear Guest!

It is very important to us that all Wasa clients feel well during their vacation and enjoy their every moment here! Therefore, we have put together the main rules and recommendations that may help make your relaxation more enjoyable.

• Before ordering a procedure, please read its description and consider whether it is suitable for you. Please consult the doctor if necessary.
• The procedures are not allowed if you have a fever or any other acute illness.
• Please always take your treatment card with you when going to the procedures.
• Please come to the procedure on time. It is recommended to arrive 5 minutes early. If you are late to the procedure, the duration of the service will not be prolonged and no refund will be available for cancelled services. If you are not able to come to the procedure at the allocated time, please cancel the order at the latest 24 hours before the start of the procedure.
• Please do not attend the procedure when drunk. The provider has the right to refuse to perform the procedure and no refund will be available.
• When going to the procedure, please dress comfortably and remove any jewellery, your wrist watch and any other accessories that might make the procedure painful or unpleasant.
• Please let the procedure provider know if you feel uncomfortable, too cold or too hot during the procedure.
• If you suffer from any chronic diseases that we should take into account during the procedure, please let the provider know.
• When going to a bath procedure, please take a towel with you from your room.
• Please enter only after being invited by the provider.
• Please talk quietly in public areas to avoid disturbing other guests.
• Please do not leave accompanying children unattended.
• Please do not smoke in Wasa.